Sulié La Cuveé Brut

Wine: “Spumante Integrale” sparkling wine long aged on lees

Grapes origin: Exclusively from the South-West slopes of Montello.

Grapes: Glera 65%, Chardonnay 30%, Incrocio Manzoni Bianco (6.0.13) 5%

Alcohol content: 11°

Appearance: fine and persistent perlage. Pale straw yellow color, with a slight opalescence due to the product genuineness.

Aromas: it combines the characteristics of Glera’s ripe white fruits with a complex exotic fruits bouquet, typical of Chardonnay, the final aroma foretells a pleasant freshness.

Taste: elegant, fruity with hints of ripe white fruit, a hint of flint given by territory and, during the release, a pleasant floral surprise from the small but important presence of Incrocio Manzoni Bianco (Riesling Renano for Pinot Bianco).

A special mention is due to the Generation IV yeasts, exclusively selected by Sulié starting from the native strains of the “Altamarca Trevisana” hills.

And it is pleasantly captivating.

A garland of aromas and flavors that take
place with freshness.
Origin of the Grapes: “Calpena” Conegliano
Grapes: Glera 70%, Verdiso 15%, Perera 10%,
Bianchetta 5%.
Alcohol content: 11°
Appearance: tenuous and continuous perlage.
Intense straw color, slightly amber, with a slight
Aromas: moderately varietal smell that recalls
apple, white flowers, pear, citrus fruit which is then
enveloped with hints of bread crust and yeasts.
Taste: the flavour of Glera, the freshness of
Verdone and the delicate tannin of Bianchetta, is
complemented by the distinctive scent of Perera
Why Typos
The Sulié Typos refers to the archetype of Prosecco,
the white wine that was produced in our Treviso
hills and which was a blend of four varieties: Glera,
Verdiso, Bianchetta and Perera.